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Soy un artista novato que busca mejorar, cualquier sugerencia o comentario es bienvenido, me encantan las patatas.

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Softwarrior's News

Posted by Softwarrior - 3 weeks ago

[ENG] I'm going a little afk... AGAIN FUCK, as the past semester i will probably have no time to draw, then idk when i will can give you guys some waifus, sorry :(, probably i will bring back some drawings and things that i have done the past semester in classes.

[ESP] Me voy un poco afk... OTRA VEZ HP, como el pasado semestre probablemente no tendre tiempo para dibujar, entonces no se cuando les pueda traer waifus, sorry :(, probablemente traere de vuelta algunos dibujos y cosas que hice el pasado semestre en clases, sorry.

Posted by Softwarrior - 1 month ago



Posted by Softwarrior - January 9th, 2019



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Posted by Softwarrior - December 29th, 2018


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Posted by Softwarrior - December 22nd, 2018

[ENG] This are some really REALLY quick sketches what i've made only as a excuse to publish something to promote my new communities xD i'm launching a small Discord server and WhatsApp group for everybody who wants to join us, they are new and we only want to make friends and talk a little, as i've said before we want just a small community, then if you are interested you can join when you want :3

DISCORD: https://discord.gg/w5w5TmP
WHATSAPP: https://chat.whatsapp.com/IrTaqXlV6SO1qkN3nzHt2p

[ESP] Estos son unos real REALMENTE rapidos sketches que hice somo como una excusa para publicar algo para promover mis nuevas conunidades xD estoy iniciando un pequeño server de Discord y grupo de WhatsApp para cualquiera que se nos quiera unir, son nuevos y solo queremos hacer amigos y hablar un poco, como dije antes solo queremos una pequeña comunidad, si estas interesado puedes unirtenos cuando quieras :3


Posted by Softwarrior - December 15th, 2018

[ENG] Sup!! without so much talk i'm creating 2 communities to everybody who wants to join :3 sfw or nsfw artist, people who only wants to see things and fishes too! 

my wish with it is to have a small community of people and friends, a place to put everything what you want, help each other, play some things or just talk independent of your art lvl or nothing, if you are interested just join it's new then let's grow together  [:)]  i've made some fast sketches to celebrate this launching  [:P]  

6411657_154489367071_SKETCH-Discord.pngLINK: discord.gg/w5w5TmP

[ESP] Sup!! Sin hablar mucho estoy creando 2 comunidades para cualquiera que quiera unirse :3 artista sfw o nsfw, gente que solo quiera ver cosas y pescados también! 

Mi deseo con esto es tener una comunidad pequeña de gente y amigos, un lugar para poner cualquier cosa que quieras, ayudarnos unos a otros, jugar algunas cosas o solo hablar independiente del nivel de tu arte o nada, si estas interesado en entrar vamos a crecer juntos  [:)]  hice algunos sketch's rapidos para celebrar el lanzamiento  [:P]  

Posted by Softwarrior - December 8th, 2018


Posted by Softwarrior - November 24th, 2018

[ENG] I've finally finished this semester, then i can comeback to draw :D, do you guys want me to post the things what i've made to my classes but i haven't uploaded 'cause time?

[ESP] Finalmente acabe este semestre, entonces puedo volver a dibujar :D, ¿quieren que postee las cosas que hice para mis clases, pero no puse antes por tiempo?